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“Bites of Healthy Ambition”

In order for people to realize their “bigger health ambitions,” they need to be informed of all aspects of their health (physical, mental, social, financial & intellectual) and enabled with tools, guidance and content (reasons to believe) to help them realize it.


Role: Creative Director / UX Strategy and Design


Using a simple navigation model that is organized around the two primary audience types, this experience delivers bite-size content to help introduce all health categories, tools, topics and guidance that Aetna has created to help them achieve their “healthy ambitions”.

noun_devices_196485 copy.png

Accenture Report: 87% of Consumers Use Second Screen Device While Watching TV.


Although the the experience was created to be responsive, we focus on a mobile first approach. The experience was designed to not overwhelm the user. The topics can change or be added to the health categories as the campaign evolves.

Ultimately this can transition to using search as a primary means to navigate all topics. The use of vibrant/unique imagery further defines the idea of being healthy. The audience oriented navigation plays off on the understanding of unique health needs in different life-stages.