Bahador Pazoki / Creative Director

Middlesex Hospital

Making smart healthcare choices is not always simple. With so many options, it’s often difficult to determine the best answer. However, when its unique and true features are clearly articulated, the decision to choose Middlesex Hospital becomes the logical, smarter decision. From state-of-the-art medical technology and an experienced staff across all levels that works diligently to provide the best patient outcomes, it’s clear that Middlesex Hospital is the smarter choice for healthcare. 

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360-degree campaign to promote awareness of Middlesex Hospital and its prioritized service lines. Must be “different” from typical hospital ads to stand out within the marketplace. Sandwiched between two large hospitals (Hartford Hospital and YNHH), Middlesex Hospital needs to differentiate itself and break out of the community/small hospital perception that is driving consumers to choose another hospital. 


Innovation Campaign


360-degree campaign to help shift the consumer perception of those who solely see Middlesex Hospital as a “community hospital” to see Middlesex as a hospital that excels at delivering complex care, while utilizing the latest technology and innovative techniques to deliver that care. Consumers who are familiar with Middlesex for routine treatments and services, but typically do not include Middlesex Hospital in their consideration set when in need of complex or more serious care given the fact that they are within a short distance to the larger hospital entities with strong affiliations, such as Yale (whom are perceived to be technologically advanced). 


Mayo Clinic Campaign

Middlesex’s collaborative relationship puts the power of direct access to the Mayo Clinic’s world renowned people and expertise in the hands of Middlesex physicians, allowing patients to receive local care under the guidance of not just the community’s best physicians, but the world’s best. 




When you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer you need the hospital that does whatever it takes. MHCC is The Smarter Choice for Cancer Care because we stop at nothing to get the best outcome for every patient. From finding the best doctors and techniques, the latest technologies and clinical research options, to putting your outcome above ours - even to the point of sending you elsewhere, if that’s the smarter choice for your care.