Bahador Pazoki / Creative Director

Text 911 CT


The state of Connecticut is on-boarding Next Generation 911, the texting 911 capability for emergency services.


Generate awareness statewide for Text 911 

Educate residents on the appropriate use of Text 911 

Main Message
Call if you can, text if you can’t. CT now offers text 911 service for emergency situations where calling 911 is not possible or safe.

Key targeted audiences include:

  • Residents who are deaf, hearing impaired or with a speech disability; and organizations that support deaf, hearing impaired or with a speech disability (audiologists, school for the deaf, etc) 

  • Domestic violence/hostage situation victims and organizations that involve helping domestic violence victims (shelters, etc.)

  • Schools – superintendants, principals, teachers; they were clear that with the state of gun violence/shootings that school outreach should be included 


The Concept
In a dark room a single match can become a beacon of hope. We wanted to illustrate the severity and urgency of the types of situation someone would need the aid of 911, but we didn’t want to be too graphic in the way we depicted it. We also felt strongly about making the phone/texting capability the hero in the scenarios that we were communicating. This line of thinking ultimately influenced our conception and visual direction for the campaign—consisting of 3 main pillars in how all communications would be based on:

  1. The presence of a large canvas of black (or lack of light) represents the urgency of the situation.

  2. Similar to the match in a dark room, the phone’s glow became a sign of hope and the hero of the scenario.

  3. Visually darkness represents silence and in all situations it is the lack of spoken words and music that furthers this concept.

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